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There are a number of possible ways of using the Assembling Citizens database of assembly outlines. The bank of outlines can either be used at random, selecting an outline for a subject area that you want to cover, or you can search for, list and select assemblies systematically, following a theme at one of the age ranges.

Used systematically, Assembling Citizens could form the basis of a whole school or year group assembly plan, featuring issues related to personal development and active citizenship.

The content of Assembling Citizens is organised under eight themes. Six of these link directly with topics taught within PSHE and citizenship. They are: The two additional themes are: Each theme has six subthemes as shown below.

Themes and Subthemes
  Self   Relationships Healthy Lifestyle Environment Citizenship and Politics Active Citizens Special Occasions Current Affairs
Self Awareness Communication Personal Health Appreciation Citizens The just society Autumn Subthemes will be created to suit the items added
Self Esteem Friendship Mental Health Responsibility Democracy Getting involved Christmas
Self Development Family Physical Health Harmony Voting and accountability Character and integrity Spring
Self Assessment Peers Spiritual Health Development Difference and diversity Media Easter
Self Management Valuing Others Emotional Health Restoration The rule of law Community action Summer
Self Dependence Relationship Skills Sexual Health Sustainability The just society Global issues Others

For each subtheme, there are two assembly outlines, one for KS3/ages 11-14 and one for KS4/ages 14-16+. It is planned that the content will triple over a period of two years. (See illustration below.) Once the three layers of content are in place, most topics taught within PSHE and citizenship will have been visited, and sometimes also revisited as in a spiral curriculum. Once the basic content is in place, the site will continue to grow as assembly outlines are added to supplement the basic content.

Illustration - major planned updates

Current affairs assembly outlines will be added at weekly intervals during term time and may be deleted as they become dated.

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